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Philippine Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture

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こちらのフィリピン現代視覚文化研究会は 日本視覚芸術を促進したい訳で 熱狂者が集まっている所です。と言えばフィリピンのアニメ ファンは 自分が「オタク」とはっきりで言わられる所である。

This Community is the Philippine Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture. This community aims to convene great minds towards the advancement of Modern Visual Culture appreciation. We are hoping that members would freely express their enthusiasm towards Modern Visual Culture by sharing their insights and their passion towards Modern Visual Culture.

To keep things simple, this is a community for Philippine Otakus who have accepted and are proud to say that they are damn otakus. This community welcomes you with open arms and you are encouraged to post your daily travails as an otaku.

"Let us see heaven unravel together."

Note: I know very well how the label otaku is something one isn't entirely proud of. We're not here to scour the otakus of Philippine society and label then as losers. I freely use the term otaku because it's somewhat funny to realize how in a way I am rather similar to them. Maybe in more ways then one we are rather similar to them. I go nuts in seeing new releases, buy mangas and items without remorse or idea of starvation. The purpose of this community is to gather fans who share the same passions (and not the highly loser-like lifestyle such as solitary confinement and other unsocial activities) that otakus have. We are talking about people who LOVE animes, mangas, cosplays, anicons, mechas, TCGs and whatever fan-related obsession that you have. We are all obsessed aren't we and it's comforting to know that you're not alone right?


Community rules:

1.) If you are joining the group, please leave an introductory message to the group containing answers to the following: a.) A list of your top 10 favorite manga/anime/games and a short description why you like them so much. b.) Answer the question "When and who was your first time and how was it like? "

2.) When posting spoilers, porny images (ERO IS PART OF MODERN VISUAL CULTURE!), or any images for that matter, please use the lj-cut option.

3.) Also, make all your general posts public (even if they are complaints about particular Philippine Events). To add, if you are posting only for the group, then do use the friends option.

4.) When citing manga or reviews, please cite where you got it locally or online. It makes it easier for members of the community to find access or buy the mangas. Otakus can hoarde, but they make sure that they leave some for fellow otakus, so please share your sources.

5.) Have fun and please, before starting flamewars, consult me first. ^_^ Heeehee... a little tension might be good for the community. ^_^ We are here to grow and not become arrogant self-absorbed otakus. If you see one selfish otaku in the community, then don't hesitate to report to the authorities right away. That would be me, anamorphose.