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Philippine Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture




Skipped Back 10

February 9th, 2005

Just so you know, I am up this late to watch Captain Tsubasa which I missed due to work.

Anyway... Schneider is a hottie.XD And more... I think Taro is a hottie! XD Taro and Tsubasa rawk! I should write something more substantial but the under 16 Japan team is preoccupying my time! Ahhh~~! Tsubasa!

Alright, so this is not about hentai... but this is my inner pedophile talking. So, that makes this a legal pervy pst! kehkehkeh!
Hello everyone! We are technically a few weeks older. Isn't that sweet!

Anyway, I decided to make our monthly discussions themed. So this month, since it is the month of love, I decided to make the month of February the appreciation month for JAPANESE ANIMATED EROTICA!! XD HURRAH!

Yes, this month it's for everything and anything that is hentai, ecchi, ero and what have you.

Honestly, I don't understand why hentai is such a great taboo in Japanese fandom here in the Philippines. Not to look down on prudes, but for fans, it's a reality that must be accepted and must be appreciated as much as any other anime out there. They do use the same techniques such as plot development (or lack of one) as well as animation techniques and other fancy shmancy things that we enjoy about anime. it also undergoes great scrutiny for its total presentation... if it bridges towards artistic (Mezzoforte) or outright nonsense (EVA XXX). I believe any true anime fan must be able to recognize and acknowledge hentai as part of modern visual culture. If you think otherwise, then you need some education.

This month, I encourage members of the group to give their recommmends for the ero-education of fellow phigen members. To jump start discussions, I'd like for you to answer this question.

What was the first hentai film you've seen and how much has it changed your life?

Anyway, we're not limiting you to hentai animes. Ero-mangas as well as Ero games may be discussed as well.

I have also changed the layout of the main page of our community. Just s it fits our community.

Also, please remember that we are meeting on February 19 around 2 p.m.in Makati area just to meet and greet, maybe sing a few songs and if ever, have ramen afterwards? As of the moment, we can't afford a film showing yet. We'll try our best. For those attending, I'll be giving some CDs to you as thank you for your support. Of course, it remains 'in theme'! XD If it fits, we all might get an ero-game! XD How about that? ^_^

So let's all get into the spirit of LOVE and awaken your inner pervert.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

February 7th, 2005

Car crash

2 ‘drag racers’ killed in collision

TWO STUDENTS died in a drag racing incident in Parañaque City early Sunday morning.

Michael Kevin San Juan, of Sunrise St. Lapaz Village, Makati, was racing along Macapagal Boulevard near MIA Road in Parañaque with his friend, Price Allan Cristobal of Perlita Street, San Andres Bukid Manila, in the passenger seat. They were both 17.

San Juan was driving his Opel Astra (WNC 430) around 2 a.m. at a fast pace along the Macapagal Boulevard when a trailer truck towed by an Isuzu truck (PNK937) made a turn at the boulevard shoulder on the way to the MIA road, P02 Jose Adducul of Paranaque Traffic Enforcement Unit said.

The car slipped under the trailer truck and crashed. The car’s roof was torn off due to the collision.

from inq7.net.

Two teenage boys die drag racing

TWO 17-YEAR-OLD boys died when their car went under a truck trailer while allegedly engaged in drag racing along the Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard in Parañaque City at 2 a.m. yesterday.

Police identified the fatalities as Michael Kevin San Juan of Sunrise Street, La Paz Village, Makati, and Price Allan Cristobal of Perlita Street, San Andres Bukid, Manila.

San Juan, who was reportedly driving the ill-fated Opel Astra sedan (WNC-430), died on the spot. Cristobal died in the hospital.

from inq7.net.

Does this mean the drag strip is closed? Why am I more pissed than scared? -.-;;

February 6th, 2005

Fuzz prod frazzled 'Electric Town' nerds

"Three burly cops suddenly surrounded me, told me I had nothing to worry about if I'd done nothing wrong and demanded I open my bag. I could hardly refuse," a self-professed otaku described only as Mr. A tells Spa! (2/1).

Cops found a paper cutter in Mr. A's bag and arrested him for the equivalent of possession of a lethal weapon. He's only one of the growing number of victims of "otakugari," or otaku hunting, to have been arrested or questioned over trifling incidents in recent months, according to the men's weekly.

"You often see cops questioning the weak-looking otaku carrying around their big backs strapped to their backs. Many of the otaku are being arrested for breaking the Swords and Firearms Control Law or Minor Offenses Law simply for carrying around paper cutters or scissors," the operator of a dojinshi manga shop in Tokyo's otaku playground Akihabara tells Spa! "It's terrifying to think that a paper cutter carried around to open the packaging on a saucy video game is sufficient grounds to have somebody arrested, their photo and fingerprints taken and they get a criminal record."

Yoshiyuki Watanabe, operator of the Kyuen Renraku Center, an organization that aids anybody claiming to have been arrested unfairly, says there's no reason why innocent people should bow to police intimidation.

"Ever since former Hiroshima Prefectural Police Chief Yutaka Takehana became Tokyo's deputy governor (in 2003), any suspicious looking person on the streets has been collared even before they've done anything wrong. It looks like cops have been given a bigger questioning quota. Cops want to increase arrest rates and their pulling people off the streets simply on mere urges," Watanabe tells Spa! "Under Article Two of the Police Questioning Powers Law, people pulled over have no responsibility to respond to police questioning unless they are legitimately suspected of committing a crime or knowing about an offense. If the cops pull you over and you've done nothing wrong, ask them why they've collared you and tell them you won't say a word unless they can give you a decent reason for doing so."

Mr. A, the otaku whose paper cutter turned him into a convicted criminal, is incredulous when describing the way otaku hunting cops behave.

"When they grabbed me for my cutter, I asked them why they weren't going after the foreigners selling illegal software from street side stalls, one said it was because it was too hard to communicate and another said it was too much of a bother to write a report on it," he says.

Watanabe, however, says the otaku are more the victims of bad luck than bad policing.

"Cops aren't deliberately going after otaku. It's just that Akihabara has been designated as one of Tokyo's crime crackdown areas. Otaku make easy targets because they're often quiet types and usually get around alone. The keyword in Tokyo's crime crackdowns at the moment is 'cleansing.' Crackdowns are being carried out in (adult entertainment district) Kabukicho, where the governor wants to build a casino, Shibuya, where loads of teens hang out, and Akihabara, site of the metropolitan government's planned IT Center," the support worker says. "Cops aren't only pulling over loads of people for questioning in Akihabara, they've also forced a lot of otaku-oriented stores to pull down their street side advertisements. I guess they're doing this to be able to point out how much safer Akihabara has become before the IT Center opens for business."

Tokyo's IT monument is slated to open in March next year, suggesting the hard line tactics currently being employed against Akihabara's otaku will continue, much to the chagrin of the likes of education journalist Nobuhito Hosaka.

"Otaku Power has made Akihabara into the tourist attraction that it has become. Otaku culture like anime has been recognized around the globe and is currently one of Japan's few export growth industries," Hosaka tells Spa! "Getting rid of the people who built up Akihabara to replace them with an IT center is killing the goose that laid the golden egg."

taken from WAIWAI

January 24th, 2005

A.K.A. scouting for ideal INI D screaming downhill drift locations

The next time you go on a road trip to visit relatives, try to stay awake and watch the road. You never know where you'll encounter that perfect stretch of tarmac that will make drifting pure pleasure. Some of the best locations we've scouted are -- surprise! surpriese! -- within Metro Manila, so if you have a sweet little bucket of bolts gathering dust in your garage, it's time to get it out on the road.

MACAPAGAL HIGHWAY: make sure to catch the end of the month drag races happening only in this part of the city. The old Ortigas crowd, probably tired of being chased by cops every single month, have set up camp in the fresh stretch of asphalt that connects Buendia and Baclaran.

SUMULONG HIGHWAY: twists and turns galore! If you're on your way to spend the weekend at your Antipolo rest house (as if I had one -.-;;) then floor it all the way to enjoy the thrills and spills of this temperamental lenght of concrete. It comes with a breathtaking view of Quezon City and Marikina, so let your honey ride shotgun and go all the way!

COMMONWEALTH AVENUE: try it at three in the morning and for the love of God don't get caught by the cops!

EDSA: ok -- it may sound like straights all the way, but if you factor in the sudden drops and quick rises of the EDSA flyover system you have one hell of a party! Start the run at EDSA corner North Avenue and try to make your way all the way down to Roxas Boulevard in fifteen minutes flat. Hell -- string on Macapagal and go all the way to Las Pinas. Dodge buses and idiot pedestrians along the way -- it's a guanranteed adrenaline rush!

Err -- I'll shut up now.

(no subject)

you got it!
I have to thank the previously said manga scanlation group for another thing. Other than bringing genshiken... Now they brought NHK! XD OOOOHHHH!! MY GOD!! XD Shit, I am such an otaku for understanding. ~_~ fuck. Give it a read! XD Will give a review later! XD
Out of severe need to read and not process the brain at all, I decided to randomly download mangas for the knack of it. I honestly wanted to download Genshiken raws badly, but everyone in winMX is bad or I just don't know how to use it hence I couldn't get my hands on it. MOU~!

So after endless searching, I crossed up Genshiken's former scanlator, Jinmen Juushin Manga. To my sadness, they have stopped scanlating and unlike other ppular licensed mangas, they don't have illegal scans. So instead of quitting, I went on downloading spree and downloaded the one shot manga "Beacuse Goodbyes are Coming Soon" by Yukimura Makoto

The story entails the last days of Okita Souji and Kondou Isami, two reknowned figures of the Shinsengumi. I won't tell the details of it. If you saw the Shinsengumi! dorama in NHK, that says a lot.

Unlike most Shinsengumi stories, Okita isn't pretty in this one. It somehow disappoints me that Okita was nothing close to how I remember him, however the story somewhat compelled to just read on. As said earlier, it's Souji's last days hence his look is unglorified and very sickly. There were a number of blood spewing moments which even makes you sympathize with the boy.

Enough about Souji, the details of the story are really great. I love the parallelism they made with Kondou's struggles in battle as well as Okita's struggle for life. Souji's flashback as a member of the Shinsengumi was also a good way to see how his life was like as a samurai. I noticed that they always showed Souji this way, someone who really has no political drive but as someone who just had to fight because he was a samurai. I don't know if this is the reason why they love the Shinsengumi. Could it be that they were the last pure samurai? Samurais with utmost fealty to their lord?

The story ends on a non-happy yet strangely comforting note. It is a one-shot so it doesn't require great thought processing.

Final thoughts on the manga, it was a good read and for Samurai or shinsengumi fans, I'd give it a recommend. ^_^ It never hurts to read another Shinsengumi story, you know~!

January 23rd, 2005

(no subject)

anyone here own an anime domain/site? i'd love to see!

i just put one up recently. i thought i should finally get off my ass and work as well as display my own tributes to anime/manga i've liked. it's still very, very new. and the guestbook is empty! please sign! hehe :D


i got it because philhosting.net just made it so affordable: i couldn't refuse!

for febuary, i plan on making a site (untitled of the moment) with the description: "i learned everything i need to know about love from card captor sakura!"

i can already imagine the diagrams and the mess they'd make between sakura, tomoyo, yukito, touya, syoaran, etc... CSS pretty much has all the bases covered. student-teacher relationships, possible pedophilia, gay, lesbian, incestual, etc. and CLAMP doesn't even approach it with any sense of caution, it's completely normal and accepted in CLAMP world (woah, would i love to live there!)

also, what the hell is up with anime sites that have TONS OF TEXT (like pages and pages of it), and then present it in 7pt fonts within itsy bitsy i-frames?

(uh, in case you own one of those anime sites, i'm sorry, but i so can't stand those things. makes my eyes BLEED. BLEED, I TELL YOU.)

(no subject)

you got it!
For those who live in Paranaque, near Better Living, do you remember Anime Otaku? The old establishment that rents out anime and whatever?

Yesterday, at ATC, I stopped by Filbars to check some card singles. So, I approached the lady and asked for the singles. I caught her staring at me and soon we were staring at each other. The only thing that broke off our silence was when she said "otaku." I blinked and was like "eh?" Then she said "Ikaw yung sa otaku. Regular ka doon sa amin. Kung gusto mong manghiram, pumunta ka sa bahay, meron pa kaming mga tape doon."

I do remember her face vaguely but by god, I didn't know that I was already in a bad situation as I thought. I wonder, if I go to kinokuniya in takashimaya in Singapore, would that Japanese staff still remember me as that girl who was badly looking for Kare Kano? I'm already notorious in Neutral Grounds. I still fear the day when I am let loose in Japan.

A little more info, Nippon no uta in NHK was really nice today.

And to add more activity, manga reviews anyone? *pfft* if not, anime reviews?

Anyway, thanks to ramen eating I managed to read Tokimeki Tonight. I'm not very fond of 1980s Candy Candy illustrations but I really enjoyed this one! XD Besides, the guy there looks cute. I wonder, are these available in Feata? Even for a 100 bucks?

Anyway.... I'm having second thoughts. Instead of just a film showing, how about a dinner in an okonomiyaki place + karaoke sound? Does that sound fun?

(no subject)

Yo. I'm Liss, and I'm prolly the youngest person here, so technically, I'm a n00b. o_o;; (which is quite sad, when one thinks about it.)

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When was your first time and how was it like?

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