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Happy Birthday Phigen!!!


Happy Birthday Phigen!!!

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my crack is cute to the core


Wow! I can't believe that it's been two years since I made up Phigen! <3 <3 Well, I feel rather guilty that I've neglected this little baby of mine, but don't worry, once thesis is out of its way, we're going to be right back on track. ^w^v

So, in commemoration of Phigen's 2nd birthday, I'd like to know... what's up in the hood, yo! What have you guys been reading or watching that could be of interest to this year.

I've been planning somethings such as the Phigen Quarterly, a meetup to catch up on more otaku talks and the like. More so... I've been brewing some 'bigger' plans for phigen which could take around 3 years to build. it all depends.

So in the spirit of catching up, and hopefully you all reply to this post, here's a short update-age that must be done~~ <3 <3 Those who just joined in the community are free to answer as well. <3 <3

1.) Name
2.) Latest Anime you've seen
3.) Latest Manga you've read
4.) What kind of otaku are you?
5.) Your current form of otaku leisure
6.) If a shinigami gave you a death note, what's the first name you would write and how would he die?
7.) If you woke up from your bed and someone greeted you "oneesan" or "oniichan" who would it be and what would he or she be wearing?
8.) If you had a chance to snag a bodyguard, who would it be and how must he serve you?
9.) What is your ultimate otaku fantasy?
10.) If you want phigen to do something for you, what activity would it be?

Just leave a comment if you wish to answer... <3 <3
  • ME! Me! I answer first!

    1.) Khursten

    2.) Nodame Cantabile

    3.) Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Hibari!!)

    4.) Manga Otaku! and slowly... figure otaku. ;A;

    5.) Ero-manga. ;A; They're soo funny! And you learn a lot about japanese culture! Try reading Ikemen Get! and you'll understand the value of snagging a toudai student!

    6.)Raito Yagami. Because he's the suckiest shounen jump character. As to how he will die, he will die under the hands of L who will write his name on the death note because it's fun. And Raito will have a heart attack in 40 seconds. YAY!

    7.) I want a younger Chiaki AND a younger Gintoki and Hibari (KYAAAA!!) to come up to me and greet me "oneechan" every morning. They will wear their school uniforms. ;w; And Hibari will sing his school anthem every morning. And Chiaki will play the piano for it. As for Gintoki, he'll wake me up in his pajamas and say "Oi neesan, can you read to me what happens next in reborn!" KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! >w<

    8.) I would snag... Hibari!! Everyday he will be a hot snarky image beside me. And he will sing his school anthem every morning. And he will do his tonfa practice in front of me. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! >w< (yes~~ i've been reading too much Reborn). I would get CHiaki, but CHiaki can't do squat. So forget it. I'll just go with Hibari.

    9.) To drown in akiba.

    10.) I want phigen to hold quarterly meetings and swap shit with people. ^^v
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