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He is my... what!?


He is my... what!?

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you got it!
gainax, you perverts!

You just had to make the most moe-licious anime on earth. For those with lovely cable although, I dn't know if it is showing in an NHK channel (it does say BS) then meet.... Kore ga watashi ni goushujinsama [He is my Master] It is shown, mind you, every 1230 a.m. starting err.. April 7th.

I fear this animation because

1.) It features girls in maid uniforms.
2.) It features really cute girls in maid uniforms
3.) It has a very suggestive title.

Not to say that mahromatic has no moe factor, but unlike mahoromatic, the title of this new anime is beyond my wildest imagination. Plus, really! The girls are so cute that if you are the master, you can't deny them from serving you if serving you would make them happy!  I haven't read the summary... too many kanjis in the morning.

Anyway, will watch out for this among the distro groups and hpefully find it worth my time. Since when was a gainax animation not worth my time?
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