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Ya-Ho! ^^


Ya-Ho! ^^

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Beautiful smile
Okay, I'll start by introducing myself. ^^

You can call me Kim (hence the "original" net handle XD) and I just turned 20 last August. I graduated BS- Applied Economics in DLSU - Manila last year. Why am I here? because I got invited, and since this is also one of my passions in life, then I decided to join and let myself be known to all those who share the same mindframe as I do.

I have to say that when I fall in love, I fall in love REAL HARD. So what happens is that, I normally stick with the stuff that I love. For example, I fell in love with Japanese animation, so I stick by it, and even when my mom drags me away from my PC kicking and screaming (Oooh, kinky! XD), I always find a way to get back to watching my beloved episodes. And then, I began to dislike the normal cartoons shown on television. Justice League scares me more than anything else, what with all those buff men and busty women with annoying voices traipsing about in skintight clothes. It isn't even hentai. >.< (Sorry for those I offended... this is just me. ^^;)

As for the list of my favourite stuff, they're just under the cut... wait, that sounds wrong, under the LJ CUT. XD

1) Gohou Drug - Who could ever resist the lure of two hot bishies with attitudes clasing so adorably with each other? I admit that the characterisation is a bit on the stereotypical side, but it works for the plotline. My personal favourite would be cool, and mysterious Rikuou. ^^ I'm still waiting for the fourth book to come out so I can mate with the series even more than what I do now. XD

2) KaMiKaZe - actually, I have yet to see the actual translation of this series. Five books are out, but I only have the first three. Why? because Feata was being evil. >.< I reserved Book 4 and they SOLD it to some nut out there who did not even have the first three. >.< Evil, evil, people. >.< But, I still love them... after all, where would I get my manga-fix from? XD I like this because the art is AMAZING (I think this should count twice), and the lead character, Ishigami Kamuro is sooo Hot! XD

3) Love Mode - I fell in love with this not because of the art but because of the story. I find the series very emotional, so much so that every time I read it, my heart literally breaks. the brand of angst is not annoying, contrary to other people's belief, it is perfect! I love the story of Haruomi and Kiichi the most. ^^ I think it's in Volumes 8 and 9. ^^

4) Tennis no Oujisama - it IS a sell-out, but I love it still. ^^ I have certain fascinations with the series' characters. It is pure coincidence that I like tennis as well, so I enjoy reading the manga much. ^^

5) Tokyo Babylon - It is quite elementary, the way it was presented, but I love the fact that the story isn't a conventional one...

6) X 1999 - I follwed this since I fell in love with TB (See preceeding number). Seishirou and Subaru... Oh man... *is depressed*

7) Sakende Yaruze! - The story is to my liking, since my puzzlement over the well-known lot of BL Drama seiyuus was finally straightened out. the series is based on a true story... and I'm still figuring out who the characters really are in real life.

8) Stigma - By Minekura Kazuya. Tear-jerking offer by one of my favourite mangakas. I love the aura of loneliness in this book... and the beauty of the metaphorical visuals and language used..

9) Yami no Matsuei - I Love everything about it! ^^

10) Slam Dunk - HOT basketball action! And I LOVE basketball! ^^

1) Initial D - Hot guys and uber-hot cars! What more could you possibly want? XD

2) Slam Dunk - See number 10 on manga list. ^^

3) Weiss kreuz - Okay, I'm one of those people who likes Gluhen, so sue me. XD Personally, I think the first series was poorly-drawn... like some mass-produced toy from Mars, but the plot, though very weird, appealed to me. I like the plotline of Gluhen more, though I can't say the same about their appearance... whatever happened to my beloved Brad Crawford?! >.<

4) Tennis no Oujisama - I like the manga, and as I watch the episodes, I feel myself falling for it even more. ^^

5) X 1999 - No, not the movie - that's horrible - the series, where Smexy Suwabe-sama is Fuuma's seiyuu and Suzumura Kenichi Kamui's. Issei-san is very good in his portrayal of Subaru, so I'm doubly happy. ^^

6) Gensomaden Saiyuki - Ooooh... sexy. ^^

7) Yami no Matsuei - this is my favourite. The art is wonderful and the plot is amazing! ^^ the animation is superb too! ^^

8) W Gundam - Hrm, I fell in love with this the first time I saw it less than eight years ago, and I still love it now. ^^ I like it when Wu Fei and Treize duel. ^^

9) Buzzer Beater - What can I say, I'm a Takehiko Inoue fan! ^^ I like the manga betetr than the series because the movie makers massacred the dubbing. >.< It's being shown in Wowow every Saturday at 6 pm. ^^

10) Fujimi Orchestra OAV - I like this. It's not boring to me, like others say it is. ^^ I'm on the hunt for the drama cds of this title... so far I only have drama cd 02 and the first too. >.<

1) Weiss Kreuz

2) DN Angel - Great album! Buy one! ^^

3) Initial D - techno stuffies for my weirder than weird days...

4) X 1999 - Ethereal piece of work...

5) Gensomaden Saiyuki - A Must-buy!

6) BL Dramas - I can't resist these... ^^

7) One Piece - because the albums are cute. ^^

8) Vision of Escaflowne - I like the music

9) Tennis no Oujisama - TONS of stuff... @.@

10) Angel Sanctuary - Because it's quite gothic in a way... ^^

THERE... ^^ Finished! ^^ *scrambles off to go to sleep...*
  • wow! Fujimi orchestra. That's quite an interesting thing. I haven't seen anyone ther than Supi and I who are into Fujimi Orchestra. This is the Risky safety thingie right?

    Man I admire people listening to Drama CDs. ^__^ With hot seiyuu fixations! XD Anyway, the Haruohmi Kiichi Story is already out or I think, it's the one that is coming out this March (or was it May?) XD I'm not sure if it's in LM4 or 5. Either way, it will come out. ^_^ Tell me what you think about it. I heard they changed the younger Kiichi voice. I heard the seiyuu's not as good as Kazuhiko (I think that's the older seiyuu). keh. Not sure. ~_~''

    As for tennipri! Ahahahaha~~! Ikaw lang at si Nina ang rabid fangirls na kilala ko outside the LO core! Meron kang raw ng 55? and 56. 57? Dang.. I missed them out a week. ;_;

    And yeah you still owe me the musicals! XD Ahahaha! XD

    Anyway, I added you in my flist. ^_^ Welcome to the community. ^_^
    • Ehehehehe... ^^ ganun ba? ^^ Oh yeah! The musicals! ^^;;; Sorry. ^^ I'll make you a copy asap. Napalitan na yung nasira na cd eh. ^^ Awww... thanks! I'm adding you too! ^^

      Wait... raws of 55-57 or do you mean 155-157? Cuz I don't have the raws for 155-157, but I have copies of eps 55-57 (Subbed though). Interested? ^^
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