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November 2nd, 2009

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January 19th, 2007


Wow! I can't believe that it's been two years since I made up Phigen! <3 <3 Well, I feel rather guilty that I've neglected this little baby of mine, but don't worry, once thesis is out of its way, we're going to be right back on track. ^w^v

So, in commemoration of Phigen's 2nd birthday, I'd like to know... what's up in the hood, yo! What have you guys been reading or watching that could be of interest to this year.

I've been planning somethings such as the Phigen Quarterly, a meetup to catch up on more otaku talks and the like. More so... I've been brewing some 'bigger' plans for phigen which could take around 3 years to build. it all depends.

So in the spirit of catching up, and hopefully you all reply to this post, here's a short update-age that must be done~~ <3 <3 Those who just joined in the community are free to answer as well. <3 <3

1.) Name
2.) Latest Anime you've seen
3.) Latest Manga you've read
4.) What kind of otaku are you?
5.) Your current form of otaku leisure
6.) If a shinigami gave you a death note, what's the first name you would write and how would he die?
7.) If you woke up from your bed and someone greeted you "oneesan" or "oniichan" who would it be and what would he or she be wearing?
8.) If you had a chance to snag a bodyguard, who would it be and how must he serve you?
9.) What is your ultimate otaku fantasy?
10.) If you want phigen to do something for you, what activity would it be?

Just leave a comment if you wish to answer... <3 <3

June 2nd, 2005

(no subject)

;___; The community died.


April 18th, 2005

A friend of mine posted these links on  her website. One was strangely comforting. The other was entirely shocking.

The truth about Sen to Chihiro
Excerpt: "The difference is that Miyazaki's "wonderland" is not like Alice's but more like Kabuki-cho."

Excerpt: To speak in more serious tone, the real meaning of this phenomenon of "otaku" in Japan is this: it is the process of Japanese adult losing the traditional sense of who mature adults should be. It is losing the sense of importance and necessity to be just that.

February 26th, 2005

Intro, intro!

A number of other members here encouraged me to join... so, hi! ^^ I'm Mia, and I thought I had rehabilitated from otakudom, but realize now that I've only changed it from otaku to 'pop culture geek'. I tend to ramble and write in grammatically-incorrect long sentences. Never mind the fact that I am in an english-related college course. ^.^

My fall into otakudom started with watching Japanese brainwash propaganda travelouges on the greatness of Japan. I always wanted to go to Japan one day to get those nifty gadgets, ride trains, and eat all the tempura I wanted. As I grew older, I got into manga and anime through Sailormoon and Yu Yu Hakusho/Ghostfighter. From there I started looking into the more factual, pop and non-pop facets of Japanese culture. I was intrigued.

I really am interested in Japan for what it was. My interest in it has grown from more than just the anime and travelogues, enough for me to sit down and persue a minor in Japanese Studies and consider further studies about Asia in general.

Now for the money shots!Collapse )

February 23rd, 2005

Ya-Ho! ^^

Beautiful smile
Okay, I'll start by introducing myself. ^^

You can call me Kim (hence the "original" net handle XD) and I just turned 20 last August. I graduated BS- Applied Economics in DLSU - Manila last year. Why am I here? because I got invited, and since this is also one of my passions in life, then I decided to join and let myself be known to all those who share the same mindframe as I do.

I have to say that when I fall in love, I fall in love REAL HARD. So what happens is that, I normally stick with the stuff that I love. For example, I fell in love with Japanese animation, so I stick by it, and even when my mom drags me away from my PC kicking and screaming (Oooh, kinky! XD), I always find a way to get back to watching my beloved episodes. And then, I began to dislike the normal cartoons shown on television. Justice League scares me more than anything else, what with all those buff men and busty women with annoying voices traipsing about in skintight clothes. It isn't even hentai. >.< (Sorry for those I offended... this is just me. ^^;)

As for the list of my favourite stuff, they're just under the cut... wait, that sounds wrong, under the LJ CUT. XD

Top 10 favourite MangaCollapse )

Top 10 SeriesCollapse )

Top 10 Sounds... because I'm not a game person. XDCollapse )

THERE... ^^ Finished! ^^ *scrambles off to go to sleep...*

February 21st, 2005

gainax, you perverts!

You just had to make the most moe-licious anime on earth. For those with lovely cable although, I dn't know if it is showing in an NHK channel (it does say BS) then meet.... Kore ga watashi ni goushujinsama [He is my Master] It is shown, mind you, every 1230 a.m. starting err.. April 7th.

I fear this animation because

1.) It features girls in maid uniforms.
2.) It features really cute girls in maid uniforms
3.) It has a very suggestive title.

Not to say that mahromatic has no moe factor, but unlike mahoromatic, the title of this new anime is beyond my wildest imagination. Plus, really! The girls are so cute that if you are the master, you can't deny them from serving you if serving you would make them happy!  I haven't read the summary... too many kanjis in the morning.

Anyway, will watch out for this among the distro groups and hpefully find it worth my time. Since when was a gainax animation not worth my time?

February 19th, 2005

Hi-ho... Pam here, better known as Kae when it comes to the online communities. I am (or at least, I'd like to think I am) an avid writer for original stories (and fanfiction, if I'm bored enough), especially if they've got generous servings of slash. Buy me Coke or give me some music/anime to download, and I'm near sure to sell my soul to you. :3

I grew up surviving on Saber Rider episodes on TV and the neighborhood video store's stash of Robotech tapes, and when I moved back to the Philippines from Canada it was Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon all the way for me. The love for shounen-ai and yaoi came later, in varying degrees. Since then, my PC's done nothing but download and download some more to feed my obsessions.

This one's cross-posted to the PhiGenshiken email. None of the lists have any particular order to it since it's so hard to decide on these things. ^___^

Top Ten AnimeCollapse )

Top Ten MangaCollapse )

Top Ten GamesCollapse )

Waha. XD

(no subject)

Anime title generator (so that's where Neon Genesis Evangelion came from). Knock yourselves out <3

P.S. Whoa~ nice layout.
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